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I found a slip of paper on Flagstaff Hill today. The following, which I have preserved in formatting as best I can, is written on it: The night escapes me stars are no more than blurs, Legions wait to be … Continue reading

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Mom raised quality dust

My brother (Dan) picked me up after work yesterday to take me out for a pre-birthday surprise. I didn’t know until that day that it was in fact a surprise. It turned out very well. We went to Mad Mex … Continue reading

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Cats are funny

Ready… Aim… Fire!

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15 seconds of fame

Today, I had the privilege of supplying backing vocals on “The Garden” for the new Monkey House CD. Awesome. The disc should be released sometime this summer. Tom indicates he might need me for other tracks as well.

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Allegheny County, I curse you

Seriously. The smoking ban was in affect for all of half a day. I was looking forward to eating at some of the local establishments that generally have the air quality of an ash tray. Too bad. They’ve lost my … Continue reading

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