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Greatest Living American

Stephen Colbert has gotten his legion of loyal fans to commandeer online voting to name a bridge in Hungary and a hockey team mascot in Michigan. Colbert’s suggestions to change Wikipedia listings have driven Wikipedia editors to the edge of … Continue reading

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Idiots on NetFlix

Someone wrote this as a review on a disc that I was lookin at: “Sirs: Please resend this movie to me; I made an error in mailing it back to you! I’d like this documentary to be at the top … Continue reading

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Gone Too Soon

There is a posting over at TubeWad about TV shows that were cancelled even though they were good. I agree with most of the postings that they made over there, but I decided to make my own list. I”m sure … Continue reading

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Boo hiss

Not cool.

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A Bad Dream

I decided to take a little 20 minute nap after arriving at home from work today. As I was trying to lose consciousness, I kept having those strange waking dreams. Here is what I remember of what I just dreamt. … Continue reading

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