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Guitar chords: In The Year 252525 (Futurama)

Guitar chords and lyrics fer “In th’ Year 252525” from ‘The late´╗┐ Phillip J Fry‘ episode o’ Futurama. You can likely use a capo anywhere t’ move it t’ yer vocal range, and a bottle of rum! Ye’ll be sleepin’ … Continue reading

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Sad Code Monkey

Jonathan Coulton is comin’ t’ Pittsburgh. I just bought four tickets t’ th’ show. I’m sad because I didn’t buy five. You see, I’ve been anticipatin’ seein’ JoCo in concert fer awhile now and on th’ very night that Mr, … Continue reading

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The Buffy/Angel viewing list

Bridget and I have been watchin’ Buffy th’ Vampire Slayer and th’ spinoff Angel, fer th’ past few months, by Davy Jones’ locker. Since th’ shows exist within th’ same universe, there ends up bein’ small amounts o’ crossover in … Continue reading

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MEME: Make a band

I’m followin’ djwudi’s lead on this and makin’ me own band name. If ye’d like t’ participate, here are th’ rules: Band name: Use th’ name o’ th’ article from th’ first random wikipedia page ye load when clickin’ here. … Continue reading

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