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Today’s Commute. Angry Driver.

7:21 AM – Janice, southbound, comes to a stop at red light. Makes (legal) right on red. White Chevy Malibu begins sounding horn from northbound side of street before turn lane traffic has begun moving. Malibu races up behind Janice … Continue reading

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Good Times at Carnivores

Ben, Bill, and I went to Carnivores last night to watch some NCAA basketball and have some dinner. When we showed up, they had some awful music on the PA system. I went over to the TouchTunes machine and put … Continue reading

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The Flower Shop Redux

You may recall an error that I took a picture of in a previous post. It looks like Bernie’s Flower Shop is at it again.

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Rat Bucks

If you took Spanish at my high school with Miss (Beth) Ash then you will recognize this image. I found this amongst some of my old papers while I was cleaning out some boxes from my parents’ house.

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