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Crossing Over with John Edwards

Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards visited CMU on Tuesday. I went to get in line to watch the simulcast about an hour early and ended up being the 5th person in line. Bridget showed up around a half hour later and then a few people from the campaign

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Compassionate Conservatism

They chanted ‘Four more years’ to drown her out? Now that’s compassionate conservatism! Maybe they think that if they chant loud enough they won’t be able to hear the lies that the administration is telling them.

Wearing a T-

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Election 2004: Farm it out

Some researchers at U. of Illinois have found some frightening information

The nation’s information technology industry lost 403,300 jobs between March 2001, when the recession began, and April of this year…


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Dead People Oppose the ‘Seek and Destroy’ Method





blockquote>As John Quincy Adams said when he was secretary of State—in 1821—the United States should stand for freedom and independence wherever her flag is unfurled, but “she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy.” By

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Opening Day at Shadyside Apple Store


p>With the opening of the new Apple Store in Shadyside we knew we had to be amongst the first to enter. We left our place around 7:30am to get in line for the 10:00am opening of the store. As we pulled onto Walnut Street we saw the line was about 75 peop

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