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Tommy Maddox

Tommy Maddox did a wonderful thing for fans of the Steelers on Sunday. He gave us all hope again. I found this doing a google search about him. Beautiful.

Dear Coach
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G4: The TV Channel not the Macintosh

So I was flipping through our AT&T Broadband channels last night around 3:30 in the morning when I stumbled upon G4tv. This channel is interesting to say the least. It’s TV for gamers. They review games, s

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Waste some time / Weekend.


p>This certainly takes the cake for the biggest waste of time, ever. You may also want to check out Continue reading

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Where’d you get $240?

Shhhhh. Don’t you worry your pretty little head. If you folks haven’t had the chance to ever watch The State I feel bad for you. It was a sketch comedy show on MTV back in the early to mid 90’s. they had some really funny skits and I’ve nabbed two of my f

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My first order of business is to get the reviews section rolling. I will then take on doing the lists section. Nice thing about it is that all of the database stuff has been ready for awhile. I just need to actually sit down and write the PHP modules for

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