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Leela learns “stay”

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Bridget’s evil twin was at the San Diego Zoo. I forced them to stand next to one another and play nice.

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This is not Freddy Mercury

While using the new “Download album artwork” feature in iTunes 7.0.1, I noticed that it had some problems making proper decisions. For instance, I have the album “Greatest Hits” by Queen. This is the artwork that it retrieved:

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An Interaction

Leela : (crying at the baby gate because Dave is out of sight) Dave : Bridget! Discipline the dog! (silence) Bridget : I killed her. Does that count? Dave : (commences laughing like an idiot)

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Leela and Lacey

Bridget and I took Leela to the off-leash dog park in Hartwood Acres on Sunday. She had a good time and sapped pretty much all her energy. It took her 12 hours and a saving throw to regenerate enough power … Continue reading

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