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Update: A Silent W

I wrote a few days ago about a story in the Post-Gazette featuring my scary mug. Here it is. I don’t like the picture. It makes me look like my waist is tiny and my upper body is huge. The … Continue reading

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There is a Hummer (H2) parked in a spot outside our building. It’s massive. It also has a wildlife reserve conservation license plate on it. Ballsy.

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Canine influenza

Apparently some sort of new(ish) dog flu is making the rounds in Allegheny County. A local shelter has had a massive outbreak and had to put down several dogs. Leela started to cough on Sunday, as did her mother and … Continue reading

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A Silent W

Before there were pre-made blog editors such as WordPress, people updated their blogs by way of a text editor or a WYSIWYG editor. Way back in 1999 I started writing down what was happening every week and posting it on … Continue reading

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