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Michelle and Simon called us. Just now. 1:30am. I’m not sure people should drink that much. A phone ringing at that time of night is scary. Of course the ensuing conversation was hilarious. Wow.

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Merry Crashmas

My hard drive that houses my music collection went crazy this morning. I opened Disk Utility to let it work its magic. After running “verify” It reported the following: Verifying volume “lacie” Checking HFS Plus volume. Checking Extents Overflow file. … Continue reading

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Online Poker

You’d think that this would be a post about blog spam, but it’s not. I’ve tried a few different online poker sites, but they all want your credit card number to charge you an “entertainment fee.” I’ve never been comfortable … Continue reading

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SNL: Lazy Sunday

This is making the rounds on the internet so I thought I might as well link it up for those of you that haven’t seen it yet. Last week on Saturday Night Live there was a digital short called Lazy … Continue reading

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Why do people hate freedom?

Seems pertinent to our current state of affairs. “Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.” ~Benjamin Franklin

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