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Corporate Accounts Payable, Nina speaking

Well, try number two at GarageBand turned out a little better than the first I think. Much different, but altogether a step in the right direction (if I don’t say so myself). I find myself hungering for more loops but

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I got the new iLife ’04 offering from Apple so I could try out the new iPhoto. Consequently, it came with the new music mixing application GarageBand. So i’ve started screwing with it to see what it can do. I’ll post what I come up with here from now on.

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New User Posting

If you hadn’t noticed from the post below, VaxCave members are now able to post. So expect to see posts from various members from here on out. We will also be separating the author posts into separate blogs. Thanks to Bridget for getting the ball rolling.

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Cold Mountain

Tonight I almost got into a fight. A fist-fight. With a middle-aged, gray-haired man. Well it seemed like it at the time at least.


p>What? Oh right. Sorry, I have a bit of an adrenaline rush going. I just came from seeing Cold Mountain with my hus

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FAILURE NOTICE: 진짜 100% 공짜로 보세요 !! 노모자잌 qs oo bcddcv

receiver: SERVER REPLY: 550 User unknown

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