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Wallpaper Revisited

Since Bridget has been gone, I decided to tackle some of the projects that need to be done around the house. The bathroom being a little too daunting for me caused me to try my hand at wallpapering again. This … Continue reading

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floor($bankAccount); ceil($tools);

Bridget is out of town this weekend so I just bought a new toy. Being alone allows me to spend money irresponsibly. This is why I’m not allowed to be left alone for more than a few days. Anyway… being … Continue reading

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WordPress Trackback Spam Killer

I’ve been getting hammered with trackback spam. I have my blacklist setup to weed out anything that comes from our good friends, the “texas hold em / online poker” folks. However, this just puts the trackback spam into the moderation … Continue reading

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AxsDeny on MacCast Podcast

I sent an audio comment to Adam at the MacCast podcast show and he used my comment on the show. I was pleasantly surprised that he used my comment considering their are nearly 1000 listeners of the show. I like … Continue reading

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Do You Have The Time…

They’ve been giving away Green Day tickets all week on The Alan Cox Morning Show on The X. Bridget and I have been camping out by the phone waiting for Alan to play Green Day when we at home. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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