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Cellcam Photoblog #3

Apparently, Cape Air sold out to the local zoo and started letting monkeys fly the planes. At least at the Rhode Island Airport this seemed to be the case.

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I Make Gold Records

I saw this on the sidewalk outside the library yesterday while walking back from lunch with Bridget.

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In Case It Wasn’t Obvious

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Disdain for human rights in the pursuit of corporatism is #2 in the list of the 14 points of fascism. You can’t tell me that there aren’t corporate interests in this decision. sigh

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Call for Responsibility

Completely hypothetical situation, but I’d like to hear commentary from the readers. In California, at many universities, there are parking spots for carpool parkers only. They are normally closer to the building as to encourage carpooling. Carpooler also get a … Continue reading

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