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ShamWow, Paper Towels, and Vince Offer

I’ve been talkin’ (a little too much likely) about th’ commercial fer ShamWow lately, I’ll warrant ye. The spokesman fer th’ product is a little too abrasive in me view. The ornery cuss seems t’ be indicatin’ that we’re all … Continue reading

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TRANSCRIPT: Verizon Online Tech Support

This should’ve taken 10 minutes t’ give me me username and password, by Blackbeard’s sword. Instead it turned into a one hour ordeal. Transcript below: Welcome t’ Verizon Live Chat. Question: PPPoE login information lost. 12:58:26 A Verizon Service Representative … Continue reading

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iPhoto is Frustrating

This happens when I try t’ print. The themes are in th’ /Library/Application Support/iPhoto/Themes directory. And hoist the mainsail, to be sure! iPhoto insists that they aren’t installed, and dinna spare the whip! All info on th’ web indicates a … Continue reading

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Today’s Commute. Angry Driver.

7:21 AM – Janice, southbound, comes t’ a stop at red light. Makes (legal) right on red. White Chevy Malibu begins soundin’ horn from northbound side o’ river before turn lane traffic has begun movin’. Aarrr! Malibu races up behind … Continue reading

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Disc burning on a MacBook Pro

I really like me MacBook Pro, we’ll keel-haul ye, by Davy Jones’ locker! It’s a great contraption and they’ve made great improvements t’ their prosumer line o’ laptops since th’ Titanium Powerbook. That bein’ said, I am not happy with … Continue reading

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