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Summer Illness

How in the world did I get sick in the middle of the summer? Regardless, I went to the doctor yesterday and the strept throat test was negative. Negative is a positive in this case. On an up note he … Continue reading

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Net neutrality amendment defeated in committee

Why? “While not the end of the road for net neutrality, the latest vote isn’t a good sign. From the article: ‘The Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday rejected a network neutrality amendment, handing cable and phone broadband access providers yet … Continue reading

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Pearl Jam Concert

Having won tickets from WXDX to see Pearl Jam, we trekked to Mellon Arena on Friday night. Thanks to The X for allowing us to get tickets for free, however, this is my last dealing with them. They took off … Continue reading

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Code Monkey

Anyone that works as a programmer needs to listen to this. Hilarious.

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Dear Music Flunkies, The title is “Baba O’Riley,” not “Teenage Wasteland.” Stop calling it that. You sound like an idiot. Hugs and puppy dogs, -Me

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