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VaxCave Greatest Hits

Since some of you are newer readers I thought I would have a greatest hits post. These are some of my favorite posts over the past few years: Holy Sheetz!: From November of 2002. A harrowing tale of my mother … Continue reading

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NES Acapella

For anyone that has played Super Mario Brothers, Tetris, or the Legend of Zelda on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, you must see this. It’s simply brilliant.

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Random Distance Run

I went and watched the Random Distance Run today at CMU. You may be asking yourself what a Random Distance Run might be… let me explain. The Random Distance Run is a race that has an uncertain number of laps. … Continue reading

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Cool Satellite Images

The White House: Some guy from Texas lives here… at least when he isn’t at the ranch. The Washington Monument: Pointy! World Trade Center: The construction area where the towers once stood. The Pentagon: If you look on the western … Continue reading

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Sky Blue, Appleseed, and Steamboy

The Oaks Theater in Oakmont has been showing some anime films over the past 2 weeks. We went last Friday and saw Sky Blue and Appleseed during a double feature. This past Friday we saw Katsuhiro Otomo’s (of Akira fame) … Continue reading

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