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Husband & Wife

Congratulations to the Swishers. Their wedding was fantastic and a real testament to their personality as a couple.

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Avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis

The Godiva Chocolatier in the Pittsburgh Airport (or any airport for that matter) should certainly advertise its goods as a medical supplement. Who else could prevent horrific blood clots but the fine people at Godiva? I’m currently writing from the … Continue reading

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Remote Control Vacuum Narcosis

On most days, in the morning, Mojo tends to make noise. He meows and scratches and is generally a nuisance. He has even taking to jumping up on the bed, knocking Bridget’s glasses off the nightstand, and then moving over … Continue reading

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Another Reason Altoona Sucks

When I bought Bridget’s engagement ring, I purchased it from a place called Kranich’s Jewelers in State College. So when we got married we went back there to get my wedding band. We picked out a white platinum ring (for … Continue reading

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Two Birds with One Stone

Pittsburgh needs money. They are in a budgetary nightmare. I’ve decided that the best way for them to raise some easy extra cash is by fining people who litter. I recently read an article that said the fine for littering … Continue reading

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