Avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis

The Godiva Chocolatier in the Pittsburgh Airport (or any airport for that matter) should certainly advertise its goods as a medical supplement. Who else could prevent horrific blood clots but the fine people at Godiva?

I’m currently writing from the 33rd terminal in the B wing. We are waiting for our flight after eating at a place called “O’Brien’s.” We figured we’d give it a shot since this week will include some of Bridget’s heritage. I would recommend avoiding this place. The food was not good. The service was slow. The check was high. I certainly am not impressed. Regardless, it was nice to sit down and have a quiet meal before our flight.

When we went to the check-in counter we were able top walk right up to the first available kiosk. We normally do the self check-in, but this time we wanted to make sure that our Dividend Miles were credited to our frequent flier accounts. While speaking with the attendant, we asked him why the place was so dead. He indicated that since the county doesn’t want to deal with US Air, they have pushed all their connecting flights to other cities, notably Philadelphia and Charlotte. He said that every person that comes through the PGH Airport requires US Air to pay the county ten dollars. He said in Philly and Charlotte it is between $3 and $6. So instead of 400 flights coming into Pittsburgh, there are now about 60 per day. The county believed that other airlines would fill the void. Apparently Southwest is the next biggest flight provider here and they only fly 12 times per day out of this hub.

It’s quite unfortunate that the county wouldn’t deal. It makes perfect business sense to me that US Air would simply route all their transfer flights through other (cheaper) cities. We had a clearly biased interpretation of the facts from the US Air guy, but it all made sense. Perhaps I’ll research more when I get back.

Anywho, the vacation is off to an interesting start. Tonight and tomorrow: Rhode Island! Stay tuned…

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