Another Reason Altoona Sucks

When I bought Bridget’s engagement ring, I purchased it from a place called Kranich’s Jewelers in State College. So when we got married we went back there to get my wedding band. We picked out a white platinum ring (for durability) with a brushed center section.

With the warranty that our rings have, we are required to have them looked at once every six months by someone at a Kranich’s store. In 2002, the first time we had our rings inspected, we went to the store in Altoona since it was mildly convienent in our trip to my parent’s house. While there, the woman that inspected my ring mentioned how scratched up it had become in only 6 bmonths. I told her I was hard on rings and it was only going to get worse.

After inspecting the rings, she took them into the back to be polished. When she returned, she held out her hand and we took our rings. Mine had returned with a mirror finish. She had thought that the brushed center was scratches and proceeded to buff out the brushing. We politely freaked out and asked her to fix it. She stated that only the jeweler could fix it, but being a Sunday, he wasn’t in the store. We could leave the rings and pick them up tomorrow. Very useless if you live 2 hours away.

We decided to live with it and figured we’d get it fixed some other time. It was about 8 months ago that we finally got lucky enough that the jeweler was in the store when we were at the Johnstown location. The guy fixed the brushing in about 10 minutes, it looked like my original ring, and I was quite pleased. This is the best thing to happen in Johnstown in a long time.

This past weekend we went to a birthday party in Duncansville for a friend’s child. While there, we decided to skip over to Kranich’s to have the rings looked at again. Sure enough, another girl buffed out the brushing on my ring. We asked her why she did it and she exclaimed that it was scratched and that was the only way to get the scratches out. We proclaimed that my ring was significantly different now and this had happened before. When we said that she had buffed out the brushing she pointed at the ring and said, “you can still kind of see it.” We made it clear that we weren’t happy about it.

My main worry is concern for the integrity of the ring. If these toolbags keep buffing my ring down and then I have to have it rebrushed, it slowly wears the metal away, thereby making the ring weaker. I’m hard on jewelry so we got white platinum for a reason. I don’t want to break this thing.

They offered the standard jeweler fix, but of course he wasn’t there. The jeweler is there on Saturdays until 4:30 (we arrived at 4) but he had cut out around 2pm. They would glady have him fix it and mail the ring to us. I said that there was no way that my wedding ring was going in the U.S. Mail. We went back and forth asking why she had ruined my ring (again) and never came to any sort of resolution. We told them that we would never come back to the Altoona location and we left.

No one apologized for ruining my ring (again.) As far as I was concerned they didn’t offer a reasonable resolution to the problem. We won’t be going back there. We’ll head to Johnstown from now on. At least the jeweler there can fix the problems that the Altoona store creates.

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4 Responses to Another Reason Altoona Sucks

  1. Kristan says:

    Those bozos.

  2. Richard says:

    Was I there when they buffed out your brushing the first time? They polished mine fer free once when I was with you.

    You run into alot of service related problems.. Walmart and now this. I wonder if I’m just more of a wuss than you are.. probably. Or rather I’m a wuss and you’re not. remember when i got that rare/raw filet mignon? I just hate confrontations even when I’m right. Something I’ll have to work on.

    You should write a letter to Kranichs though, explaining everything in a calm manner to let them know you aren’t happy. Also when you go back to either place make sure they know that the brushing isn’t just scratches before you give it to them. Better safe than sorry.

    Did you get to read the description from my Blog yet?

  3. Jerky says:

    No offense, but buying wedding rings somewhere where you have to take them back every 6 months for “inspection” doesn’t sound like such a smart thing to do. Is this common, I’ve never heard of the practice (of course the only jewelry I’ve ever bought was our wedding bands & engagement rings). I highly recommend Zalno’s jewelry in Clearfield, they have excellent customer service & I’ve never had a problem. The few times we’ve gone back, they’ve done an excellent job polishing the diamonds, etc… And we have a lifetime warranty without having to bring them in for inspection.

  4. AxsDeny says:

    Having never purchased jewelry before I had no experience to compare to. I had no idea that the people in the Altoona store would be such asses. The State College location and the Johnstown location have been consistently great. One of the reasons that I picked Kranich’s was that it was an established store (since 1903) and probably not going anywhere for a while. Regardless, no offense taken. 🙂

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