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In investigatin’ th’ possibility o’ doin’ me own podcast I had t’ figure out a way t’ converse with scallywags in a vaguely standard way, by Davy Jones’ locker. I’m usin’ Skype as it has th’ widest platform availability. Does … Continue reading

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Spam Blocker Avoidance

Today’s intrepid spammer has t’ employ odd techniques these days t’ outsmart spam filters. Here’s th’ first line o’ an email that were bein’ a phishin’ scam t’ get me credit card info: “Sometimes about ruffian trembles, but movie theater … Continue reading

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1750 Pounds Per Square Inch

As ye take notice o’ th’ picture that I have attached t’ this post, keep in mind that I am fine after The Incident. I were bein’ outside fer most o’ th’ day yesterday doin’ some yard work. I also … Continue reading

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Non-Fortune Cookies

The fortune cookie has gone down hill in th’ past 20 years, on a dead man’s chest! They used t’ be actual fortunes, ye scurvey dog. Now they are simply statements/proclamations. Fortune: “You will find love on Arbor Day.” Not … Continue reading

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iChat Irritation

Why does iChat insist on truncatin’ th’ availability messages o’ scallywags in me list? Shiver me timbers! Has anyone else seen this? Prepare to be boarded! It doesn’t seem t’ do it t’ th’ away messages.

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