1750 Pounds Per Square Inch

As you take notice of the picture that I have attached to this post, keep in mind that I am fine after The Incident. I was outside for most of the day yesterday doing some yard work. I also managed to get the crown molding done in the bathroom. Out in the yard, I had trimmed the crabapple tree, powerwashed the deck, stained the deck, and power washed most of the sidewalk. I was just finishing up the sidewalk when I tried to change the power washer setting from ‘stream’ to ‘fan’ and I made a mistake. Apparently the nozzle was a little shorter than I anticipated. For some reason, I didn’t let go of the trigger or look down when I went to make the change. My hand slid over the end of the nozzle and the stream of 1750 psi water blasted a hole in my finger. On the left you can see where it burrowed its way from the wound up under the layers of skin across my finger. Good times. I’m just glad it wasn’t the circular saw or dremel. It could’ve been much worse.

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  1. the.h.is.silent says:

    One time I got hit in the leg with a 9lb sledgehammer. I don’t recommend it. Damn you, sculpture lifestyle!

    I suggest 3-M brand ActiveFoam bandaids in neon colors. They stay put, are waterproof, and make you smile when you seem them.

  2. Richard says:

    Ouch! That’s all I got..

  3. Richard says:

    did you get my last emailz? I’m just going to send to anyone_who_smells_good from now on because you seem to get those ones. I crack myself up.. it’s sad.

  4. Braden says:

    One word: Ouch

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