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Melissa Hart (R-PA) Responds

Awhile back I sent a letter to Melissa Hart (R-PA). While I agree with her on very little regarding her policies, she seems to agree with me on this one. Just because you didn’t vote for someone doesn’t mean you … Continue reading

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Sharp Objects May Be Allowed on Planes

WASHINGTON – Airport security screeners are reportedly going to let passengers bring sharp objects on board airplanes again. Today’s Washington Post says the Transportation Security Administration plans to announce security changes Friday.Sources quoted by the paper say the new rules … Continue reading

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Irony in the Picksburgh Post-Gazette

As an editor, this is the kind of mistake you don’t want to miss. It could have only been worse if the story was about a grammar conference.

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256 + 256 + 128 + 64

I was attempting to enable the new hibernate feature in Mac OS X 104.3 and decided to make sure I was running the proper version of the OS. I opened up the About This Mac window and sure enough, the … Continue reading

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Windows Vista Video

There’s a video floating around of somone showing off the new Alt-Tab features in Windows Vista. It’s pretty nice looking. Unfortunately it’s not an improvement in usability. It’s only pretty. The idea that someone would need a preview window to … Continue reading

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