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Useless Internet Archiving

For th’ sake o’ havin’ Google index it I will post th’ VIZA numbers o’ Ned Flanders and Rod Flanders from th’ 2004 episode o’ The Simpsons entitled “Catch “Em if You Can”. Ned Flanders : 8525 4941 2525 4158 … Continue reading

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For the Record

The guitar chords t’ “Fly Away” (Lenny Kravitz) are as follows: A – C – G – D Play. Rinse. Repeat as needed.

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Humans: 3 – Animals: 0

We came home t’ our newest catch today. Load the cannons, by Blackbeard’s sword! Groundhogs are much quieter than raccoons when they are captured. I’m glad that this is th’ case, because they aren’t nearly as cute as raccoons. Fire … Continue reading

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Vive le Tour!

Congratulations t’ Lance Armstrong and th’ rest o’ Team Discovery on th’ seventh Tour win. An amazin’ feat that most likely won’t be bested fer a long time, to be sure. If any o’ ye haven’t watched a stage o’ … Continue reading

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Excel Formula Bar

Does anyone have any notion why Microsoft Excel would display an actual formula rather than renderin’ a verdict on said formula. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Oho! See below

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