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Round Two

At 11:00PM last night one of our neighbors rang our doorbell. I was watching The Tour in the living room so it wasn’t a big deal for her to come over. I answered the door and she said, “Well, I … Continue reading

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Strangling a Baby

Bridget woke me up this morning with her Frantic Voice™ indicating that I needed to come to the window and listen to the noise outside. From my perspective, at 6:30AM, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir could be outside and I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Nine Point Nine Five

When I was younger I would devise ways to earn money. I would write up lists that would include a chore and then an appropriate price that such a service deserved. Lists were normally created based on a set amount … Continue reading

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Groundhog, Woodchuck… Whatever

After many calls around town trying to find a trap that I could borrow to solve my groundhog problem, I finally got ahold of someone useful. I called the people at the Allegheny County information line and they directed me … Continue reading

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Stuff On My Cat

Oh, I gotta get involved with this. Hilarious!

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