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Customer Service.

Recently, I heralded the customer service of Garmin. Now I bring you a story of fabulous service from Apple.

As some of you may know, we own a Titanium Powerbook. It’s an amazing machine and we love using it. I’m

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Pet Peeves

People spelling ‘losing’ as ‘loosing’ People who try to use acronyms that they don’t understand Drivers who don’t use their turn signal Nutra-sweet / Sweet-n-Low Drivers who don’t stop at the ‘Stop Here on Red’ sign Incompetent people that continuously … Continue reading

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New layout

You may have noticed the new layout. I hope you enjoy it. I just now got around to pointing it out to those of you who might be blind. I also just got the commenting system back up and running, so go ahead and give it a whirl. I’ll have more of a post in

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Baseball is back!

I’ve had more fun watching postseason baseball this year than I have since the early 90’s. Back then the Pirates and the Braves used to duke it out in the postseason. It felt great to have the whole city behind the local team. Now I get to live vicariousl

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