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Leela Loves Linoleum

Ignore me stupid laugh. I were bein’ tryin’ t’ supress it because she loses focus when I make loud noises.

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Leela Touches Our Lives

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Cuteness to melt your face

Per Kristan’s insistance… Leela has been doin’ well. The winsome lass is learnin’ t’ walk on th’ leash and is doin’ quite well. The winsome lass has also taken t’ sittin’ on command about 75% o’ th’ time, pass the … Continue reading

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The Office

The new season premieres tonight! For yer viewin’ pleasure, check out one o’ me favorite scenes from last year.

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Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Please do so in yer place o’ work and in yer regular interactions with other scallywags, pass the grog, by Blackbeard’s sword! I’ve enabled th’ Talk Like A Pirate filter on me site. … Continue reading

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