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Happy Halloween!

Halloween Party ’05-3 I found this picture on flickr by way o’ TUAW. Oho! Shiver me timbers! The iPod dancer is a brilliant costume.

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UPDATE: My Mom’s Mountain

I heard from Jim Smith, th’ District Forester at Buchanan State Forest, regardin’ Sidney’s Point. Oho! This is what he had t’ say… This peak is located entirely on private land. Our website has a link t’ th’ public use … Continue reading

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Culture of Life: The FDA

Aspirin kills 7000 scallywags yearly in th’ US, I’ll warrant ye. Nowadays drugs that kill 1 person out if 5,000 are pulled from th’ market. Why is this, when th’ benefits outweigh th’ cost, and a bucket o’ chum? Read … Continue reading

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A Letter Sent to Melissa Hart (R-PA)

Congress has scheduled a hearin’ on November 3rd t’ examine th’ tax-exempt status o’ credit unions. For more than 70 years, Congress has recognized th’ importance o’ credit unions and has granted them tax-exempt status. Fetch me spyglass! Credit unions … Continue reading

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Harbor Grass

Harbor Grass I’m testin’ out th’ blog postin’ that is available via Flickr. I hate t’ rely on other servers storin’ me pictures, so I will most likely not use it all th’ time. It may be convenient in quickly … Continue reading

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