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The Dignity of the Oval Office

Governor Bush on tape before an interview in Texas. The religuous right should remember that they are being courted by someone that isn’t as genuine as he seems. I would post the other videos, his drunken tirade at a wedding, … Continue reading

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I’m not 10 years old anymore.

I was outside raking leaves and two of the neighborhood kids came by and asked if they could help. I was skeptical. I was waiting for one to add, “…for ten bucks.“ It finally came from the younger of the … Continue reading

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Microsoft Frontpage

Let me explain why you shouldn’t use Microsoft Frontpage. I’ll even do so in a nice, HTML compliant, bulleted list: Many aspects of the program create IE specific code that are not HTML standards compliant (Example). The program assumes that … Continue reading

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New iPod

Check out the new iPod. It has photo storage capability and uses iPhoto on the Mac and Adobe Elements or Adobe Album on the PC. The ability to take your pictures with you and play slideshows on a television is … Continue reading

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Camera Reconstruction

Tonight I attempt to put my camera back together. The pieces are tiny and the mechanisms are complicated. It makes me wonder how these things are put together and produced in mass quantities. This doesn’t seem like work that a … Continue reading

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