The Dignity of the Oval Office

Governor Bush on tape before an interview in Texas. The religuous right should remember that they are bein' courted by someone that isn’t as genuine as he seems. I would post th' other videos, his drunken tirade at a weddin', or his callin' a reporter an “asshole” in a 2000 campaign appearance, but I’m not sure that this server could handle th' possible traffic it would create. Just watch it.

— Via Salon

UPDATE: This got posted on Fark and someone said this in th' comment section. Hilarious:

“Be nice.. he were bein' likely drunk and/or on cocaine thereby not responsible fer his actions.”
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  1. cindy says:

    The Mountian Goats! Mountain Goats, on a dead man's chest! I love The Mountain Goats! I would ask John Darnielle t' marry me but he is already taken. If he e'er comes t' Pittsburgh, Go! His shows are totally fun.

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