I’m not 10 years old anymore.

I was outside raking leaves and two of the neighborhood kids came by and asked if they could help. I was skeptical. I was waiting for one to add, “…for ten bucks.

It finally came from the younger of the two. “If you pay us.

I chuckled to myself in my mind and to my surprise the older of the two looked at him and said, “That’s rude! Don’t ask him to pay us. He’s our neighbor!

I delighted in this ray of hope shining from this youth. They helped me rake and bag the leaves in the front area of the house. I thanked them and they asked me if I wanted to ride bikes with them. I told them that I had to get a few more things done around the house but if there was enough light left I would go get my bike.

I finished up with the yard and decided I would go get my bike so I could be friendly with the neighborhood kids. I zipped out of the garage and down the street to the front of the house, popping a wheelie as I jumped the curb. They seemed delighted. I was certainly deliighted with myself for my show of ‘coolness’ to the younger generation.

I turned around to return to the driveway and attempted to jump the curb again. That’s when it all went wrong. This time, as I landed, my handlebars twisted. I tried to remove my feet from my toe-clips but I only got the one foot out before I crashed to the ground. I smashed to the ground landing on my left knee and my right hand. I instinctively rolled away from the pocket that contained my iPod (I know my priorities.) I grunted and rolled onto my back as the two boys raced over.

“DUDE! ARE YOU OKAY?” they yelled.

I stood up and felt more embarassed than anything. One of the neighbors raking leaves came over and asked if I was okay. I told him that I was an idiot and I probably would never be “okay”. He laughed and left. The kids were horrified but happy that I was off the ground. I told them I was okay and that I needed to go get dinner ready. What I really meant was, “I need to go in and lie down.

I sit here on the couch writing this with two big bruised on my left leg. I’m pretty sure I sprained my left pinky as well. I’m in my mid 20s and I just skinned my knee riding a bicycle. This is gonna hurt like crazy tomorrow. sigh

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7 Responses to I’m not 10 years old anymore.

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  2. knomat says:

    Screw your knee!!! Is the iPod ok?!?!


  3. timmah says:

    god you are dumb. that’s what you get for trying to be cool with bikes… try showing them how to build pipe bombs, that will get you far more cool points

  4. Kristan says:

    I just read this entry aloud to Steve, and we enjoyed it a whole lot. Your bruises will heal. Steve wants to know if you ever took that bike off any sweet jumps. I think you and your new little friends should start planning your tree-fort soon (what’s cool about NOT being ten is, you can afford to hook up your tree-fort with stuff that costs more than ten leaf-raking bucks).

  5. bridgey says:

    Maybe if you keep hanging out with them, you can find out which one has a crush on Gretchen and get to play with the pop gun…

  6. Martin says:

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