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Comments Are Back

I made a little Captcha system fer commentin’. And swab the deck, and a bottle of rum! Nothin’ too elaborate right now, but it will work fer th’ time bein’. Ye’ll be sleepin’ with the fishes! Feel free t’ comment … Continue reading

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Canon S100 E18 Error

While usin’ one o’ our digital cameras a few weeks back a strange message popped onto th’ screen. I had just turned th’ camera off and noticed that th’ lens had not retracted. I thought that th’ battery had snuffed … Continue reading

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Students’ polling places switched in scam

Students’ pollin’ places switched in scam The ornery cuss receives his mail at home in O’Hara, and, until he were bein’ suddenly reassigned as a Republican voter in Shadyside, has always cast his ballots near his home. Well, I guess … Continue reading

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GD Library and Freetype

It turns out that th’ authimage hack fer WordPress requires th’ GD Library and Freetype Library installations t’ create th’ dynamic image. I may just come up with a simpler solution fer this than doin’ all kinds o’ modifications t’ … Continue reading

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Pictures and such

I’ve installed Coppermine, an image gallery program. This means that I’ll be postin’ more pictures as time goes on. Thankfully, there is a WordPress plugin that allows easy integration o’ th’ two. If I get it workin’ properly I’ll post … Continue reading

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