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Punk Wagon!

knomat’s comment made me think it was time to post a picture of the Estate Wagon.

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Hot Topic is NOT Punk Rock lyrics

Dan and I were out geocaching on Sunday and heard this song on the radio. You can download it on their Myspace page and I encourage you to do so. Since Hot Topic is celebrating “30 Years of Punk” on … Continue reading

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Flame Broiled

The newest addition to our family will make our kitchen less hot in the summer. We are so excited.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Fiction

I’m not sure if this is funny, sad, brilliant, or idiotic. It might be a little of each. But this style of writing is just like all the books I read when I was in junior high. Taken from a … Continue reading

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Are you serious?

I was watching the news tonight on the local FOX affiliate. After the sports, this random dude came on after a video bump and started in on a monologue. What he said was ridiculous to me. I’ve found a transcript … Continue reading

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