Hot Topic is NOT Punk Rock lyrics

Dan and I were out geocaching on Sunday and heard this song on the radio. You can download it on their Myspace page and I encourage you to do so. Since Hot Topic is celebrating “30 Years of Punk” on their website, this seems all the more appropriate. So here you have it. I couldn’t find these lyrics anywhere via Google, so I’ve transcribed the song for the pleasure of the web. The one line that is marked in red is the line I wasn’t 100% sure about. Anyone with suggestions?

UPDATE! – knomat chimes in with the actual line… corrected below.

MC Lars – Hot Topic is NOT Punk Rock

(MC Lars is more punk than you)

Go! Books about Evanescence (Are not punk rock!)
Guns ‘n Roses watches (Are not punk rock!)
Hello Kitty iPod cases (Are not punk rock!)
Rob Zombie lunch boxes (Are not punk rock!)
Slipknot binder paper (Is not punk rock!)
Tinkerbell pillow cases (Are not punk rock!)
Led Zeppelin air fresheners (Are not punk rock!)
Tupac incense burners (Are not punk rock!)

Hot Topic is not punk rock! (Hot Topic!)
Hot Topic is not punk rock! (Hot Topic!)
Hot Topic is not punk rock! (Hot Topic!)
Hot Topic is not punk rock! (Hot Topic!)

Misfits candle tins (Are not punk rock!)
ICP throw blankets (Are not punk rock!)
Beaded Elvis curtains (Are not punk rock!)
Talking Lambchop plush dolls (Are not punk rock!)
AC/DC hair clips (Are not punk rock!)
Spongebob wristbands (Are not punk rock!)
Sex Pistols boxer shorts (Are not punk rock!)
Disco back catalog (Okay. Maybe that’s punk rock.)
Dischord back catalog (Okay. Maybe that’s punk rock.)

Hot Topic is not punk rock! (Hot Topic!)
Hot Topic is not punk rock! (Hot Topic!)
Hot Topic is not punk rock! (Hot Topic!)
Hot Topic is not punk rock! (Hot Topic!)

Hot Topic is a contrived identification with youth subcultures to manufacture an anti-authoritarian identity and make millions. The $8 you paid for the Mudvayne poster would be better spent used to see your brother’s friend’s band.

DIY ethics are punk rock
Starting your own label is punk rock
G.G. Allin was punk rock.

But when a crass corporate vulture feeds on mass-consumer culture, this spending mommy’s money is not punk rock!

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118 Responses to Hot Topic is NOT Punk Rock lyrics

  1. wudged says:

    > knomat. > > I smell a dead horse.

    winrar. thread over.

  2. ajizzle my nizzle says:

    i saw mc lars live in december. (what an amazing show)

    this was the first time i heard of him, and i instantly was addicted. i bought both his cds (which you can get off itunes) and a shirt that says “hot topic is NOT punk rock.”

    i love the reactions i got in school. either “I LOVE YOUR SHIRT, HOT TOPIC SUCKS!” from the real punk kids, or “if hot topic isnt punk rock, then what is punk rock?” from emos posing, pretending to be “punk rock”

    now i have to wear it to the mall, and go into hot topic. i cant wait for that.

  3. TRUBL says:

    awesome song, but mc lars isnt punk rock either. hes a hpocritde. he went on tour w/ simple plan. wt a loser. but, this song is totally true, cuz those emo bastards r ruining true punk rock.

    • First of all, I don’t believe MC Lars claimed to be punk rock, just more so than you.

    • Secondly, emo bastards are not ruining true punk rock. Emo bastards don’t play punk rock, punks play punk rock, emo bastards play EMO/SCREAMO/POOR QUALITY METALCORE.

    Finally, Punk is a dead movement, the punk bands of today do not abide by the rules laid out by their elders. By none conforming (A punk rock trait,) they conform to what was originally that which the first punks were rebelling against.

    • Riding a boat down the river thames, by Buckingham palace, playing Anarchy in the U.K IS punk rock.
    • Being Greenday isn’t.
  4. janet says:

    marilyn monroe became punk rock for the fans of the misfits, oh probably before you were born

  5. The-H.I.V. says:

    I completely agree with this song. The early misfits are good but their new singer sucks. Sham69 is punk rock Black Flag is punk rock Dead Kennedys is punk rock Oh trubl, by that logic the original puck rockers were not non-conformist either, since they were all “non-conformists”.

  6. Artemis Fowl says:

    Your mom is punk rock.

  7. DoubleDecker says:

    She’s been called by many titles, but never punk rock! LOL

  8. killerinyou says:

    hot topic is so punk rock you all have no idea what you are talking about, i mean come on any one who says sponge bob wrist bands arent punk rock obviously knows nothing about punk rock.. sponge bob like so totaly founded the punk rock movement in 1999, everyone knows that

  9. drbenway says:

    MC Lars “Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock”, is not punk rock!

  10. bethanyBOOM says:

    I agree with everything in this song EXCEPT, the Sex Pistols boxer shorts bit. I understand what Mc Lar’s is saying about the Mass Consumer Culture, but The Sex Pistols OFFICIALLY founded Punk Rock full stop. And maybe I’m the only one who thinks that because I am English and alot of American’s don’t agree with me, but The Sex Pistols DID start the punk movement, even if they didn’t intend to start it. Anyone that calls them self punk is really quite sad, as a punk is a male prostitute in prison. And the peron 2nd from bottom of these comments must be a total idiot. SPONGEBOB & HOT TOPIC ARE NOT PUNK ROCK YOU RETARD.

    Trubl, I agree with you – Riding a boat down the river thames, by Buckingham palace, playing Anarchy in the U.K IS punk rock.

  11. bobby says:

    Haha this is so funny becaude MC Lars is my cousins friend! Awesome!

  12. lexi says:

    The line in red is actually “dischord back catalogs (well maybe that’s punk rock)” because of yeah… dischord records. minah threaaat. aha, yeah.

  13. AxsDeny says:

    Yeah, the correct words are on the line below that.

  14. .katie says:

    the funny thing is that hot topic sells MC Lars t shirts…. and used to play this song in the store

  15. knomat says:

    I just counted, and it’s worth noting that over 75% of the people who posted in this thread are idiots. That’s my abstract. A full report will follow shortly.

    AxsDeny, I think you need to do something special for the 2 year anniversary of this discussion. It’s fast approaching. Maybe some sort of a Punk vs. Emo dance-off? You bring the chains, I’ll bring the tissues.

  16. luteragzfer says:

    Mike Mossberg, I know you reading this forum, please contact me, because I can’t find your contact details.

  17. fluemsWef says:

    Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping. I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it. God will appreciate it.

  18. Natalie says:

    Who cares if they are punk or not? There are some people that shop there who don’t even identify as punk or even care about trying to be punk. I got some stuff from their website once and I don’t identify as punk. What’s wrong with selling stuff they know people will buy if they aren’t hurting anyone? Where else would people buy most of the stuff they sell? They sell some stuff that isn’t punk that I wouldn’t even want to buy but that doesn’t mean all their stuff is bad.

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