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ATHF pwns Boston Bomb Squad

Omg. Apparently the Boston area bomb squad didn’t have anyone between the ages of 15 and 30 on their team. Also, I like how they blurred out the bird that the Mooninite is giving.

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Charley the Unicorn

These are the lyrics to the Candy Mountain Cave song from the Charley the Unicorn video. I transcribed these during lunch one day, so if you have corrections, post them here. “Oh, when you’re down and looking for some cheering … Continue reading

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Snow Nose Leela

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DIY Magnetic Spice Rack

After seeing this post on Digg I figured I should post my spice rack project. I made this spice rack for Bridget before Chrismas. It is simply a piece of sheet steel that I bought at Lowes for about $20. … Continue reading

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4 A.M.

In the past three days I haven’t had a good night’s sleep. Leela has started whimpering to go out at four in the morning. The previous two days, Bridget had insisted that she had simply consumed water too late in … Continue reading

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