4 A.M.

In the past three days I haven’t had a good night’s sleep. Leela has started whimpering to go out at four in the morning. The previous two days, Bridget had insisted that she had simply consumed water too late in the evening. My worry is that any flexibility on our part (in when she is allowed to leave her crate) will lead to unwanted conditioning. The solution to breaking her of this habit is to ignore her.

Being pulled from REM sleep in the middle of the night by a pathetic whimper is not pleasant. My brain tells me that the solution is to ignore her, but following through is incredibly difficult. When I’m wide awake, I can use the ignore method for upwards of an hour. I do it to real people all the time ;). However, when you are asleep, awake, and then you want desperately to be asleep again, 10 minutes turns into an eternity.

This morning’s solution was to take her downstairs to pee and then leave her in the crate in the kitchen. Until I can come up with a solution for this, she might be sleeping downstairs.

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2 Responses to 4 A.M.

  1. Simian says:

    Something tells me you’re not quite ready for children… Combine lack of sleep with disgusting bodily emmissions, and replace “pathetic whimpering” with ear-splitting, nerve-jarring screams, and you’re getting close to the reality and joy that is parenthood. Speaking of which, when are you guys coming to visit?? We NEED baby sitters dammit!!!

  2. Miss Haney says:

    Bet your ears were ringing from Tenacious D all friday nite! Loved seeing you guys– thanks so much for coming out– tell bridget that next time we will get cheesecake!

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