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The Culprit

This is a followup t’ Bridget’s recent post. Load the cannons! It seems that th’ entire problem were bein’ in th’ wall o’ th’ second floor bathroom. A cracked waste pipe were bein’ t’ blame. You can obviously see th’ … Continue reading

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Timbers Shivered by Shivering Timbres

Apparently some would be pirates attemptin’ t’ take control o’ a cruise ship off th’ coast o’ Africa were thwarted by a sonic weapon known as an LRAD, or Long Range Acoustic Device. The weapon focuses a narrow beam o’ … Continue reading

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Pain Is Good?

In The Davinci Code, Silas claims that pain is good. I have t’ disagree. About a week ago I were bein’ at lunch with Bill, Laura, and Bridget. At some point I bit entirely through me inner lip, ye scurvey … Continue reading

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