Skype logo. In investigating the possibility of doing my own podcast I had to figure out a way to converse with people in a vaguely standard way. I’m using Skype as it has the widest platform availability. Does anyone out there use it? I’d like to test it out a bit before I start trying to do interviews. Hit me with an IM or Email if you are interested in humoring me in testing it out. It seems to work well with built-in microphones if that’s all you have.

Thanks to the wonders of my new Shure 58M microphone and AudioHijack I can record the conversations and edit them down in GarageBand. I’m looking forward to putting together a 15 minutes segment here and there. Hopefully I can get a few other guys on board and help out with the segments so it doesn’t become a burden. Looks like I may be able to pull some of this off and make a decent podcast out of it. I’m not going to spill any of the beans yet on what my plans may be, but rest assured I will try to fill a hole in the podcast arena that hasn’t been attacked yet.

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  1. Jerky says:

    You don’t know me, but I’ve commented here before. I use skype all of the time. If you just want to test it out and don’t mind talking to a stranger, hit me up at “shanafme”.

  2. AxsDeny says:

    Alright, once I get home and get my mic hooked up I’ll hit with a message. Thanks for the help. Any other takers?

  3. matt says:

    I’m game.

    Your podcast can be about bathroom remodeling 😉

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