Remote Control Vacuum Narcosis

On most days, in the morning, Mojo tends to make noise. He meows and scratches and is generally a nuisance. He has even taking to jumping up on the bed, knocking Bridget’s glasses off the nightstand, and then moving over to my nightstand and knocking my glasses to the floor.

Our solution to this problem is the vacuum cleaner. We have the vacuum cleaner out in the hallway hooked up to an X-10 remote control system. This allows us to activate and deactivate the vacuum cleaner from a semi-conscious state. The cats are terrified of the vaccuum cleaner, so it normally shuts them up for about an hour.

Yesterday my mom needed to borrow the vacuum. I took it over to their place and on the way back I didn’t take it back to its previou spot. On the way out of the car Bridget asked me if I was going to take it and hook it back up to the X-10 unit. I said that I didn’t feel like it. She responded that it would be my responsibility to quell the antics of Mojo if he acted up. Her exact words were, “Tomorrow is my morning to sleep in, so you are the one that’s gonna take care of Mojey in the morning.

Well, this morning Mojo was very quiet. It turns out we left his food down all night so he didn’t get stressed out in the morning. We were sleeping soundly with no need for the remote control. At 7:00AM I heard a rattling over the sound of the air conditioner. It was persistent and loud. Bridget was obviously getting restless since this was her day to sleep late. I stumbled to the window to see what was going on. I suppose you could say that there arose such a clatter, that I threw open the sash to see what was the matter.

Outside, on Bridget’s day to sleep late, sat four construction trucks and a guy operating a jackhammer. He was ripping the road apart. On a Sunday! At 7:00AM! After the jackhammer came the backhoe. It dug down and exposed a water pipe that had burst. The men made such a racket in fixing it that I’m sure that Bridget wasn’t happy. I just woke up and went out in the yard to put down some weed killer. I suppose something that important must be fixed, but that doesn’ change the early morning irritation.

I don’t think Bridget has had the chance to sleep late for upward of 2 months. Maybe our vacation to New England will change that.

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