TRANSCRIPT: Verizon Online Tech Support

This should’ve taken 10 minutes to give me my username and password. Instead it turned into a one hour ordeal. Transcript below:

Welcome to Verizon Live Chat.
Question: PPPoE login information lost.

12:58:26 A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you.
12:58:46 Agent Venkatesh has joined.
12:58:46 Venkatesh : Chat ID for this session is [REDACTED]

Venkatesh: Thank you for contacting Verizon Live Chat. My name is Venkatesh and it is my goal to provide you with outstanding service.
Venkatesh: Hi, how are you doing today?
AxsDeny: Fine, thanks.
Venkatesh: For verification purpose, I would request you to provide us the following information before we start: – Is your DSL Number [REDACTED]? – Your first and last name. – May I know the Operating System (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 or Macintosh) that you have?
AxsDeny: 1) Yes
AxsDeny: 2) AxsDeny (account name is [REDACTED])
AxsDeny: 3) That’s irrelevent
Venkatesh: May I know the Operating System (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 or Macintosh) that you have?
AxsDeny: All I need is my PPPoE DSL username and a password so I can set up my wireless router
AxsDeny: I’m connecting via a web browser. This is not an operating system issue.
Venkatesh: May I have your preferred Email address and also the preferred callback number to reach you in case we need to? Also confirm if this number accepts incoming calls from 800 or toll free numbers.
AxsDeny: FTR, I’m on Windows XP via a virtualized session in VMWare
AxsDeny: callback: [REDACTED] (i’ve already been disconnected twice from tech support)
AxsDeny: preferred email address is [REDACTED]
AxsDeny: Please do not transfer me to someone else.
Venkatesh: In case you get disconnected,I would request you, please contact to our DSL Technical Support Department as they would assist you in better way, at toll free number 800-567-6789 Voice Prompt – “DSL Technical Support” They are available 24×7
AxsDeny: I did that. The phone tree disconnected me.
Venkatesh: As I understand your concern correctly, you forgot your user name and password and not able to sign in to your account. Am I correct, Mr. AxsDeny?
AxsDeny: Not quite.
AxsDeny: I can log in to my verizon email account via the web interface.
AxsDeny: What I need, is the login credentials for connecting to the DSL service
Venkatesh: I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. However, I will try my best to fix it.
Venkatesh: May I know, you connected your computer to the modem?
AxsDeny: When I was troubleshooting originally I did, yes. Then I realized that I was missing the username and password. Currently the modem is connected to a wireless router. It won’t establish an IP via DHCP, so I assume (since DSL is PPPoE) that I need my username and password to be entered.
Venkatesh: You are correct. You require to enter user name and password to go on line.
AxsDeny: Yes! I need that information. 🙂
Venkatesh: The same is also required to be saved in the modem.
AxsDeny: My modem has never required that information.
Venkatesh: For the privacy and security of your account, may I please know your complete billing address with Zip Code?
AxsDeny: I got the modem in 2001 and it doesn’t have a user configurable interface
Venkatesh: May I know, the make and model of the modem?
AxsDeny: Westell B90-36R515-01 (Revision F)
Venkatesh: May I know, the name of the account holder and your relationship with?
AxsDeny: I already gave you that info.
Venkatesh: I apologize that we do not keep your customers’ passsword. May I know, you remember answer of your secret question?
AxsDeny: What’s the question?
Venkatesh: You will get it on the page.
Venkatesh: Please open verizon page and enter the user name.
AxsDeny: That’s part of the problem.
AxsDeny: I don’t even know the user name
Venkatesh: Then click on forgot password.
Venkatesh: [REDACTED] is the user name.
AxsDeny: What email address should i use?
Venkatesh: [REDACTED]
AxsDeny: Okay.
AxsDeny: When I click on Forgot Password, I enter the username [REDACTED]
AxsDeny: and it says: The User ID provided does not exist. Please try again.
Venkatesh: May I know, you entered the information in lower case.
AxsDeny: yes.
Venkatesh: Please try again.
AxsDeny: The user ID you provided does not exist. Please try again.
AxsDeny: Would you like me to provide a screen shot?
Venkatesh: I appreciate your patience for two minutes while i will check the account status.
AxsDeny: thank you
Venkatesh: May I know, you are on the same computer in which you are facing the issue?
AxsDeny: Uhh, it’s a wireless router that is having the problems.
AxsDeny: If you mean the login ID problem, then yes.
AxsDeny: Here’s a screenshot:
Venkatesh: In order to solve your particular problem, I’d like to start a screen sharing session that will allow me to see your screen and share your mouse and keyboard. You’ll have primary control and can end the session at any time. Please close any confidential or private windows except the chat window before clicking OK on the forthcoming notice. You are requested that please keep on responding on chat window within 5 minutes to avoid disconnection. May I begin?
AxsDeny: That’s not going to work
Venkatesh: [NEW-REDACTED] is the user id. Please try to reset the password with this.
AxsDeny: The user ID you provided does not exist. Please try again.
AxsDeny: Can you please verify the URL for the password retrieval page?
Venkatesh: I will suggest you to contact us through your home network using verizon modem so that we can share your screen to and provide you with the best resolution.
AxsDeny: Dude. That doesn’t make sense.
AxsDeny: How can you share my screen when I can’t get online?
Venkatesh: You can come on line through any of the computer and contact us so that we can at least reset the password.
AxsDeny: uhh
Venkatesh: However, I am going to this from my end and provide you with the temporary password.
AxsDeny: I’ve had someone reset my password for the “[OLD-REDACTED]” username. That didn’t work.
AxsDeny: I think I need one for the [NEW-REDACTED] user name
Venkatesh: If you are able to go online well, or you require to contact us so that we can share the screen to fix this issue.
AxsDeny: I don’t understand what you mean.
Venkatesh: nxfn8qsx is the temporary password. Please try to sign in using this.
AxsDeny: And that’s a temporary password for the [NEW-REDACTED] username?
AxsDeny: Please confirm that I’m supposed to user [NEW-REDACTED] as the username to connect via ppoe
AxsDeny: pppoe
Venkatesh: Yes
AxsDeny: THank you.
AxsDeny: Hold please, I’m trying this with another computer
AxsDeny: Awesome! I entered the user id and password into the router and that worked.
AxsDeny: Now, how do I change the temporary password?
Venkatesh: Great!
Venkatesh: on the next page you will get the option to change password and confirm password.
AxsDeny: Next page?
AxsDeny: I loaded as a test
AxsDeny: I entered the info that you gave me into the router and it connected.
AxsDeny: And the web came up as expected.
Venkatesh: May I know, you are not on verizon e-mail page?
AxsDeny: I wasn’t. I am now. I’m sorry, that wasn’t clear that I was supposed to be logging into a webmail account.
AxsDeny: I just did that though and changed my password.
AxsDeny: Let me enter the new info into the router to make sure it works properly.
Venkatesh: Okay.
AxsDeny: Okay, seems to be working.
Venkatesh: May i know, you are able to sign out and sign in to Verizon?
AxsDeny: checking
AxsDeny: No.
AxsDeny: When I go to and click on “My Verizon”
AxsDeny: I click on “Sign In”
AxsDeny: I enter “[NEW-REDACTED]” as the user name
AxsDeny: and my new password that I just set
AxsDeny: and it tells me:
Venkatesh: Please open and not
AxsDeny: Okay, that worked.
AxsDeny: Why isn’t this stuff integrated? It seems absurd to have multiple accounts for something that gets sent on the same bill. If you had told me to go to instead of what I assumed to be this would have taken 5 minutes instead of an hour.
Venkatesh: May I know, you have signed in with your new password which you changed just now?
AxsDeny: sigh* yes.
AxsDeny: So I guess we’re done?
Venkatesh: You are able to check your mails. Am I correct?
AxsDeny: On the webmail site, it appears that way
AxsDeny: Although this is the first time I’ve ever checked this email account
Venkatesh: We need to save the same password in your modem software.
AxsDeny: I saved it in the router
AxsDeny: It already works.
Venkatesh: Great!!
Venkatesh: Apart from this, is there anything else I may assist you with today?
AxsDeny: No.
Venkatesh: Mr. AxsDeny, have I fully resolved all your concern?
AxsDeny: It seems that way, albeit slowly.
Venkatesh: I would like to send you an e-mail as a follow-up to our call today. This e-mail will contain valuable information and links to online resources provided by Verizon. This information will assist you in resolving the problem should you encounter it again in the future, without having to make a phone call or initiating chat
AxsDeny: Ok.
Venkatesh: When you click on ‘End Chat’ button to end this chat session, please scroll down till the end where you will find an ‘Exit’ button. On clicking ‘Exit’ you will be requested to fill a short online feedback form. Please share your valuable inputs with us to serve you better and then click on ‘Next’ and ‘Submit’.
AxsDeny: Is there a way to get a transcript of this?
Venkatesh: I understand that it was difficult to be both on same page as we were not able to share your screen.
Venkatesh: You get the option to print this script when you click on end chat button.
AxsDeny: ok, thanks. Have a good day.
Venkatesh: Your session is now closed.
Venkatesh: Thank you. Have a nice day.

Time elapsed: 01:03:45

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