Today’s Commute. Angry Driver.

7:21 AM – Janice, southbound, comes to a stop at red light. Makes (legal) right on red. White Chevy Malibu begins sounding horn from northbound side of street before turn lane traffic has begun moving. Malibu races up behind Janice and begins tailgating and blowing horn. Tailgating is so close that the car is not visible in the side view mirrors.

7:22 AM – Malibu passes Janice on left over double yellow line. Malibu cuts in front of Janice and brakes suddenly, coming to a complete stop. Janice nearly slams in to Malibu. Seatbelt locks engage. Janice blows horn. Malibu begins to move again. Then stops suddenly again, nearly causing another collision. Plate number is DZZ-1604

7:26 AM – Malibu enters left lane and brakes slowly coming in line with Janice (in the right lane.) Malibu begins drifting into right lane. Driver appears to be pointing something out of the passenger window. When windows are in line, it becomes evident that the driver of the Malibu is leaning over and attempting to take a picture of Janice with his cell phone. Malibu drops back more, behind Janice, continues taking pictures. Malibu passes on left again, taking pictures while passing.

7:30 AM – Malibu passes through light and pulls over. Driver exits car and waves at Janice while taking pictures of Janice stopped at light. Janice proceeds through light and makes left at next light out of fear for safety.

7:31 AM – Malibu appears ahead of Janice (westbound) on Hamilton.

7:35 AM – Janice makes right at light while Malibu proceeds straight at light.

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12 Responses to Today’s Commute. Angry Driver.

  1. cindy says:

    Umm … you called the police, right?

  2. AxsDeny says:

    No. I nearly did though. I wasn’t sure what we could tell them that wouldn’t result in a “prove it” defense from the driver.

  3. doubledecker says:

    Didn’t check with other half, but you have the license #…maybe you could report as road rage or reckless driver. At least if he reports you for whatever, you’ve already told your side of story.

  4. cindy says:

    Poor Janice. hugs

  5. Barbie says:

    I’m glad Janice had you there in the car with her.

  6. bridgey says:

    Oh man. I leave for 1 day and insanity happens.

  7. Andy says:

    Holy crap! What a dumbshet!!!!

  8. AxsDeny says:

    Andy: Do you have to add $0.50 to the jar for that? 😉

  9. Andy says:

    NO!!!! Notice the spelling and pronunciation!!! And speaking of the potty mouth jar, I don’t have a charity, yet. Hint hint…

  10. AxsDeny says:

    Andy, how about the National MS Society? My brother is riding in their yearly cycling fund raiser:

  11. Andy says:

    I thought you were Janice…assuming by the blog up there…

  12. AxsDeny says:

    LOL! No, Janice was the driver. I was the passenger. Also, I don’t speak in the third-person. 😉

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