Call for Responsibility

Completely hypothetical situation, but I’d like to hear commentary from the readers.

In California, at many universities, there are parking spots for carpool parkers only. They are normally closer to the building as to encourage carpooling. Carpooler also get a $10 a month discount on parking compared to the regular permit parkers. This helps reduce the overcrowding (and overselling) of the parking lots and helps the already awful pollution problem. Suppose the university got many complaints from non-carpoolers that this was unfair and that they should be able to park in the carpool spots. Suppose the university took down the carpool signs and revoked the $10 discount to appease the non-carpoolers.

What would you say?

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3 Responses to Call for Responsibility

  1. Rob says:

    I’m glad I didn’t go to that university.

    The carpool idea was a lovely solution to the parking problem.

  2. Jerky says:

    Screw the non-carpoolers. Most people won’t carpool unless they are given incentives. Driving to work has unfortunately become the one time in people’s day where they can actually relax and think about nothing (other than the open or not-so-open road) and naturally people want that to continue. Unless companies or the government begin offering some form of bonus to reward those who carpool, this behavior is going to continue. Seeing what has happened in this country the past 5 years, I would suspect that gas prices would have to hit above $5 a gallon before we see a widespread adoption of carpooling or other mass transit methods.

    I’ve personally have been trying to start a carpooling effort here at Saint Francis and have fortunately been somewhat successful. If the university were to start offering incentives, then I’m sure more folks would join up.

    I don’t think the non-carpoolers in this situation have a legitimate gripe here. Sacrifices have to be made. The carpoolers are sacrificing some of their “alone” time, the others have to give up a few calories walking back and forth to the car.

  3. Justin says:

    Bah. If they’re going to sell parking passes then they may as well do this. So it’d probably bug me if they took away. Riding to class in groups was pretty common at Ship, if only because of sheer laziness.

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