Do You Have The Time…

Billy Joe Armstrong of Green DayThey’ve been giving away Green Day tickets all week on The Alan Cox Morning Show on The X. Bridget and I have been camping out by the phone waiting for Alan to play Green Day when we at home. Unfortunately the past few days the tickets were given away while we were in the car on the way to work. We even tried a four-phone tag-team effort one day. To our dismay, no tickets.

Fortunately, this morning Alan reported that he would be giving away 2 sets of tickets during the show. I took a record breaking shower as to not be indisposed when the possibility arose for free tickets. I sat on the edge of the bed in my boxer shorts with the phone in my hand. I had already predialed the number so I could just hit redial when the song came on. Then I had an idea. They always play a ‘bump’ when coming out of commercial and going to a song. When I heard the bump I dialed. The line rang as soon as the first chords of Boulevard of Broken Dreams began to play. The phone rang at least 20 times before Alan picked up….

Alan:The X.
Me:… uh… what number am I?

Bridget and I will be attending the Green Day show on April 23rd, 2005 at Mellon Arena thanks to 105.9 The X and The Alan Cox Morning Show. Flippin’ sweet!

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8 Responses to Do You Have The Time…

  1. Ms. Thang says:


  2. matt says:


    If Bridgey bails, I’m in! 😛

  3. bridgey says:

    Yeah, I am SO not bailing. I’m the one who had to get him out of bed so we could make sure to win!

  4. Laura says:

    you guys are rock stars!

  5. cindy says:

    Who says being a hyper m’f’er doesn’t pay! And dude, are you guys coming to DC in March? I want to see you! And my friends will be in town that weekend playing a show! And Kristan and Steve will be here! And maybe even Chriffany! And me! And, well, damn it. Just come!

  6. cindy says:

    And on a random note, just because I know you love “metal,” I thought I would share this with you. Back in the day, my friend Bain’s father played bass in a glam band. For shits and giggles, here are some links:

  7. Kristan says:




  8. jfournier says:

    That’s awesome. It must be the “day of getting really hard to get tickets day” as a friend of mine got selected for the group of people who can buy tickets to Yankees vs. Red Sox tickets at Fenway for the upcoming season and she offered to get me a ticket!

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