I got the new iLife ’04 offering from Apple so I could try out the new iPhoto. Consequently, it came with the new music mixing application GarageBand. So i’ve started screwing with it to see what it can do. I’ll post what I come up with here from now on. What YOU can do for me, is help me out in naming the song/clip. Most, if not all, of the stuff will be VERY bad as I am not much of a musician. What it WILL be, is hilarious. So let’s see some comments and suggestions/slams on track number 1.

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6 Responses to GarageBand

  1. Cindy says:

    General Comment… Pizza the Hut meets Ghetto Jazz

  2. knomat says:

    You’re a natural…. That was a hell of a finish! I think you should call it – Hilarity Ensues. 😉

  3. exit says:

    General Comment… “Dangeresque III: This Time, We’re Hippies!”

  4. dan says:

    re:igarage sample… well it’s ok i guess, I liked the last 1/4 it seemed to start to go somewhere. not bad 4 a 1st try.

  5. missjenn says:

    iPhoto 2 is gettin’ old… I may end up buying iLife, like you, simply for a newer version of iPhoto.

    I’m curious if you think this new version (4?) was worth it …

  6. AxsDeny says:

    It was… I liked that the new iPhoto has Rendevous support. Makes it easy to move pictures from one machine to another. The listing is much faster as well. I’ve got about 8000 pictures and it lists them much more quickly that the last version.

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