Opening Day at Shadyside Apple Store

With th' openin' o' th' new Apple Store in Shadyside we knew we had t' be amongst th' first t' enter. We left our place aroun' 7:30am t' get in line fer th' 10:00am openin' o' th' store. As we pulled onto Walnut Street we saw th' line were bein' about 75 scallywags deep. "Not too bad," I thought t' meself. I then saw me brother sittin' on th' curb, already in line, near th' start o' th' line. Score. Ahoy!

I parked th' boat in th' parkin' garage and headed back t' th' store. Between sailin' past and parkin', some maties had showed up and taken their place in line with Dan. Ahoy, on a dead man's chest! We were about 30 scallywags from th' start o' th' line. Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! Yaaarrrrr! We stood and talked and drank coffee while waitin' fer th' store t' open. Many scallywags walked by and asked why we were waitin' in line. Fire the cannons! We made it clear that it were bein' openin' day, but they still didn’t reckon. There were bein' a rather humorous conversation betwixt a jogger and Steve at one point. Aarrr! The jogger insisted he didn’t see th' allure o' waitin' in line t' go into an Apple Store (o' all thin's). Steve came back with "If this were bein' a joggin' store ye know ye’d be first in line." The delivery were bein' perfect. We laughed long and hard about that one.

The Apple workers kept comin' out o' th' store and walkin' down th' line tryin' t' get everyone cheerin' and whatnot, which worked t' a degree. The biggest problem were bein' that many o' th' scallywags had been standin' there fer upward o' two hours. Ahoy! Fire the cannons! People were certainly gettin' tired and th' sun were bein' gettin' hotter.

At 10:00am, after a small welcome speech from th' head admiral, th' doors opened and they let in about 75 scallywags. We went straight t' th' iPods and picked a 20gb model fer Bridget (4th generation!) and a warranty card fer it, and dinna spare the whip! We filled out all th' sweepstakes cards and checked on th' cases fer th' iPods. Load the cannons! I spent a good amount o' time at th' Genius Bar gettin' a replacement fer me iPod headphones which had separated at th' split. Thin's were a little rocky since I were bein' th' first customer fer th' lubber that helped me, but all in all I were bein' just happy t' get new headphones fer free. Thank goodness fer th' one year hardware warranty.


p>We made a mornin' o' it by goin' t' Crepes Parisienne after our Apple Store visit. Nothin' beats that place fer tasty breakfast. We all sat with our merchandise and our free t-shirts and decided that we would likely be back t' th' Apple Store within th' next week, on a dead man's chest, avast! I can’t wait until they get they new 4th generation accessories in stock. Bridget wants a pink case fer hers, and dinna spare the whip! I just want t' go and drool o'er th' equipment. Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes, pass the grog! Check out all th' pictures here.

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17 Responses to Opening Day at Shadyside Apple Store

  1. cindy says:

    tres chic… Next t' th' Rite Aid. Sweet. So Dave, ye gonna let Bridgey play with that comely wench iPod?

  2. knomat says:

    Word…. So, I’m thinkin' about sellin' me powerbook so I can get a new iMac … JUST KIDDING! 😛

    … can’t wait t' come down and visit again and check out th' new store. I wish I could have made it down today, but instead I had t' stand out in th' blisterin' sun filmin' Juniata get thromped. I don’t even remember th' score but it were bein' somewhere in th' range o' 40-somethin' t' shit.

  3. kristan says:

    return o' th' mac… i am confident now that this, combined with yer offer o' assylum from me parents’ house in th' way o' a place t' stay, will help me convince steve t' visit th' iron city area again someday. “see, steve, it can be like a religious retreat–ye can visit th' local church and stay with other apple-heads.” i’m excited fer ye guys–especially ye, miss iPod 20! yay! The sharks will eat well tonight! 🙂

  4. bridgey says:

    lubber!… I am soooo excited, and a bottle of rum! We have been chargin' th' iPod so I can play with it this afternoon. And hoist the mainsail! I’ve got me eye on either th' pink cover or this purple one that glows blue in th' dark, with a chest full of booty. Oh. Aye.

  5. cindy says:

    whee!… Bridgey, I’m glad ye got t' play with it. I know how excited Dave gets about gadgets! And swab the deck! I were bein' worried fer ye. I especially love th' “new member o' th' family” photos.

  6. cindy says:

    oops… umm, Dave, is there anyway ye could put a spellchecker on this thin', I'll warrant ye? I feel so mortified by me spellin' mistake and do ye know what sucks? I can’t go back and fix it, to be sure! It haunts me! Fire the cannons! Haunts me, I say!

  7. AxsDeny says:

    I suppose…… … I could look into a spell checker. I’ve seen some cool preview scripts as well. And swab the deck, by Blackbeard's sword! Spell checkin' is a little more difficult though since it requires a dictionary and whatnot. I’ll see what’s out there though.

    The 4th generation iPods are sliiiiiick. I’m pretty impressed so far. I’m not sure how I feel about th' move back t' a ‘movin'-parts’ styles click wheel. We’ll see what happens down th' sea with that decision.

  8. cindy says:

    General Comment… Ahh, and th' spellchecker would be ye, which functions just as well. Yaaarrrrr! Thanks fer fixin' that howlin' error. And hoist the mainsail, by Blackbeard's sword! I am lookin' forward t' comin' up and meetin' th' newest member o' th' family. Have ye named it yet? See ye soon!

  9. AxsDeny says:

    Testin' th' comment system… test tes test, with a chest full of booty. One two… three…?

  10. AxsDeny says:

    Preview enabled!!!… Got th' new preview system workin'! I think it looks pretty cool. Prepare to be boarded! I can’t guarantee that it will work in Internet Explorer and frankly I don’t care, and a bottle of rum! It works in Safari and Firefox, so that’s all I’m interested in. Game Over.

  11. cindy says:

    whee!… Two Words, “Dave rules.” This thin' does work in IE. Walk the plank! The only reason I know this is because I am usin' it in me SpEd Computin' course. PCs! ack, and a bucket o' chum! drowns in that comely wench own misery

  12. Kristan says:

    I [heart] PCs… not because they are in any way better than macs–oh, no, they’re inferior fer sure–but i can use PCs without thinkin' about thin's, and with th' Mac, i have t' figure out how t' do everythin' little, like tab in a document and move aroun' me online crossword puzzle. does that make me left-brained or right-brained or lobotomized, i don’t know.

  13. Kristan says:

    I [heart] PCs… not because they are in any way better than macs–oh, no, they’re inferior fer sure–but i can use PCs without thinkin' about thin's, and with th' Mac, i have t' figure out how t' do everythin' little, like tab in a document and move aroun' me online crossword puzzle. does that make me left-brained or right-brained or lobotomized, i don’t know.

  14. cindy says:

    Comfort Zone… Lovin' a PC is like bein' in a bad relationship, to be sure. You’re just too comfortable t' leave fer somethin' better, shinier, and new, I'll warrant ye. I know, it’s scary goin' out there into th' MacWorld and leavin' everythin' ye know behind. Let it go! You have a total support group out here fer ye. Come t' us, Kristan. We are waitin' fer ye.

  15. AxsDeny says:

    Chemical Dependency… A quote from Slashdot: Usin' Windows is like buyin' random illegal drugs on th' river t' treat a headache

  16. Kristan says:

    General Comment… Nah. Even Steve agrees; when I replace me fan-whirry laptop someday, it should be with another PC, and a bottle of rum! The ornery cuss has seen th' Mac-frustration. I don’t disagree–Macs are better in every way. But they give me headaches only an illegal river-drug can cure.

  17. cindy says:

    General Comment… Sellouts! I love ye guys anyway. And hey, if ye need somethin' t' cure a headache, I’ll teach ye how t' make a Phospate Soda when I come back west (or ye east). They are all th' rage here in C-Town, by Davy Jones' locker. Not t' mention they clear me migraines right up!

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