Compassionate Conservatism

They chanted ‘Four more years’ t' drown that comely wench out? Prepare to be boarded! Now that’s compassionate conservatism, and dinna spare the whip! Maybe they think that if they chant loud enough they won’t be able t' hear th' lies that th' administration is tellin' them.

Wearin' a T-shirt with th' message “President Bush You Killed My Son,” Sue Niederer o' nearby Hopewell screamed questions at th' first wench as th' audience tried t' drown that comely wench out by chantin', “Four more years! Shiver me timbers! Four more years!”

The winsome lass pressed on, refused t' leave and eventually police removed that comely wench from th' firehouse rally.

— Via CNN

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2 Responses to Compassionate Conservatism

  1. General Comment… I got me voter registration card this weekend – now I’m ready t' Rock The Vote™!

  2. cindy says:

    ::shivers::… I don’t think I have e'er been so scared in me entire life.

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