The Flower Shop Redux

You may recall an error that I took a picture of in a previous post. It looks like Bernie’s Flower Shop is at it again.



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5 Responses to The Flower Shop Redux

  1. Cindy says:

    Well, if his five-year-old son wrote it, that’s okay.

  2. knomat. says:

    The best grammer errer I saw in a sign was at a toy store announcing the arrival of a long-awaited new toy. I forget exactly what the toy was, but the sign read, “THERE HERE!!!”

  3. krissykristan says:

    I don’t blame a guy who lives in a place where daffodils and carnations are referred to as “flah-ers.” How is anyone supposed to learn to spell in that environment? It’s like when I moved there from Michigan in first grade and promptly lost a point on a spelling test for mispronouncing “orange.” Apparently, the correct pronunciation is “ah-rnge.” Western Pennsylvania is the bane of phonics (or as my niece Dani would say, “fawn-ix”).

  4. J.Jordan says:

    Heh, I’d have spelled daffodils wrong. Before writing this comment, there was no point in my life where I was required to spell daffodils.

  5. AxsDeny says:

    Yeah, but unlike Bernie, but you haven’t been running a FLOWER SHOP since 1951.

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