Gone Too Soon

There is a posting over at TubeWad about TV shows that were cancelled even though they were good. I agree with most of the postings that they made over there, but I decided to make my own list. I”m sure there are more, but I don’t recall

Can anyone else offer some more examples?

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9 Responses to Gone Too Soon

  1. Scott says:

    Sports Night was really good, but only aired for two seasons. I only saw about 15 minutes of one episode while it was on TV. A few years later, my roommate downloaded both seasons and I was finally able to watch it.

  2. Levi says:

    I liked Men Behaving Badly with the original characters.

  3. Jen says:

    Arrested Development

  4. Jen says:

    also Firefly. I can’t believe you put “My so called life” up there. Whiny teenagers. And Richard says that he can’t believe you still have a crush on Jordan Catalano (sp?) I would say “Northern Exposure” but it had run it’s course tear

  5. AxsDeny says:

    Jordan Catalano was dreeeeamy. No seriously though. I was totally in love with Claire Danes.

  6. Ken says:

    Firefly for sure. Joan of Arcadia.

    The first Star Trek – 3 seasons!

    Fawlty Towers (twelve episodes – (was it canceled or did John Clesse move on?)

  7. Kristan says:

    I second the Sports Night vote. That show had “it.”

  8. DoubleDecker says:

    “Friday Night Lights” on NBC was great this first season, but I hear it’s been cancelled. Now that was a REAL reality show.

  9. AxsDeny says:

    I disagree. The only “reality TV” that exists is surveillance footage from Nanny-cams and Qwik-E-Mart cameras.

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