A Bad Dream

I decided to take a little 20 minute nap after arriving at home from work today. As I was trying to lose consciousness, I kept having those strange waking dreams. Here is what I remember of what I just dreamt. Pardon the poor wording. I’m still a little sleepy and disoriented.

The Dream

It’s daytime. I had exited the front door of a veterinarian’s office. A man behind me in a motorized wheelchair threw something that (for some reason) I knew was C4 explosives. It stuck to the side of a pick-up truck parked in the lot.

I ran away from the truck. As I did so, I saw a man exiting his car with four dogs. The dogs were running free. I yelled at him, “Don’t let the dogs go over there!”

He contained three of them, but one went over to the truck and began sniffing around. I observed the man in the wheelchair looking toward the truck. He was holding some sort of box with a button on it. I knew this to be his detonator. H was eerily calm.

I ran to the upper corner of the parking lot and began trying to get the attention of the dog. I yelled at the dog with my happiest voice in the hopes that he would come to me. By this time, several other people and dogs were over by the truck. I was screaming for them to get away. The man in the wheel chair just watched them. I specifically remember thinking, “please don’t push the button.”

The owner of the truck (I somehow knew this) was now at the vehicle and was investigating the scene. He found the C4, which was very small, and he then looked at the man in the wheelchair. He grinned at him and threw the C4 into the woods, over the head of the man in the wheelchair. I looked at the man in the wheelchair and then back at the man at the truck. I thought, “he won’t push the button now.”

I then looked back at the man in the wheelchair. He sat with his arm extended to one side. In his extended hand sat a full sized garden gnome. For some reason, I knew this was bad. I ran.

As soon as I ducked my head to run, a blast behind me stronger than I can even describe smashed into me. The world spun.

I was now on the ground. I had my hand on the top of my head. It felt swollen, wet, and frighteningly warm and soft. I was incredibly disoriented. I remember hearing people screaming for help and someone running to me.

I tried to mouth some words. All I could think was, “Bridget is inside. I need to see her before I go under.” I tried to talk, but my tongue seemed to be made of lead and my jaw of stone. Everything was starting to go dark. All I could say was, “Get. Brid… get.”

Then I woke up. It was horrifying. What do you think this means?

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5 Responses to A Bad Dream

  1. cindy says:

    You need to cut back on the Mountain Dew. Oh, and you really love your wife. She’s a lucky lady.

  2. Kristan says:

    Too much work in the yard, Vax-Gnome. Part of you wants to just blow up the whole thing, dog-piles and all.

  3. DoubleDecker says:

    Are you taking drugs?

  4. Bill says:

    Clearly the old man got a bad deal on travelocity

  5. Leela's Grandma says:

    Why are there no updated photos of my Granddog & Grandmeows?

    From: Irate Grandmother in Orlando.

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