Mom raised quality dust

My brother (Dan) picked me up after work yesterday to take me out for a pre-birthday surprise. I didn’t know until that day that it was in fact a surprise. It turned out very well.

We went to Mad Mex for dinner. We both had Wing-o-ritos and margaritas. I really like Mad Mex. We lingered for awhile and then hit the road to make our way to Millvale.

Millvale, as some of you know, is the home of Mr. Small’s Theater. We had arrived to see They Might Be Giants. Potentially my favorite band of all time. Geek rock at its finest.

The crowd was the most eclectic mix of geeks, dorks, and dweebs that I have ever seen. I saw more Carnegie Mellon t-shirts than I thought I would. I’m not sure why I would assume this, since CMU is the exact demographic of the TMBG fan.

The show was very good. As usual, Flansburgh’s comments between songs were amusingly self-deprecating. Linnel, as usual, had his keyboard and accordion mojo working. Dan Miller played a rock-star-solo from the balcony on the final song. I have to say though, the drummer makes the craziest faces while playing. It was really funny to watch.

Anywho, thanks to Dan for the surprise. I had a great time. I look forward to getting TMBG’s new album The Else when it is released on iTunes.

*Bonus points to those that identify the reference in the title.

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6 Responses to Mom raised quality dust

  1. knomat says:

    A reference to the Dust Brothers? Aren’t they working with TMBG?

    I don’t know, but if you google “Mom raised quality dust,” you’re the first result 😉

  2. AxsDeny says:

    Wow. Google indexed that REALLY fast.

  3. Dan says:

    yeah I had also heard the Dust Bros. were working with TMBG

  4. AxsDeny says:

    That’s true, but not what I’m referencing.

  5. Tad says:

    Was it not your birthday?

  6. AxsDeny says:

    Strong work Tad. 😉

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