I found a slip of paper on Flagstaff Hill today. The following, which I have preserved in formatting as best I can, is written on it:

     The night escapes me
   stars are no more than blurs,
     Legions wait to be seen
   but are beyond the hope.
 None arE to be seen,
     hope is useless
      misery is dominant,
             no options,
      The Blur is The Movement
       running is futile
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2 Responses to Found

  1. bekah says:

    dude, i’ve been looking for that poem since middle school! can’t believe it was still there! =P

  2. Trix Bunny says:

    Hey David! Hope the celebrations for your birthday included a green truck cake.

    I actually ran into Richard & Justin yesterday and was hoping you could pass along their emails to me since I will get fired from looking at myspace at work!

    James and I have compromised on selling our house & touring the world for a year (as I had propsed the last time I saw you)… I’m doing Route 66 with some friends from England for 6 weeks (prepare for postcards!) & James is climbing Mt. Elbrus in Russia…. yet it is only a matter of time until we go back to my original proposal due to Seton Saxton closing!

    Will have to plan on seeing you guys soon–Had such a laugh last time with the unexpected tribute to Tenacious D.


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