Allegheny County, I curse you

Seriously. The smoking ban was in affect for all of half a day. I was looking forward to eating at some of the local establishments that generally have the air quality of an ash tray. Too bad. They’ve lost my business for even longer now.

It would be interesting to see a poll of how many people avoid restaurants where smoking is allowed. I know I do so on occasion.

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7 Responses to Allegheny County, I curse you

  1. knomat says:

    You didn’t really think that was going to hold out in Western PA, did you? 😉 The DC smoking ban has been in affect in bars since Jan 1, and still going strong. But, of course, we’re all just a bunch of progressive left-wing nut jobs. Smoking is so 2006.

  2. cindy says:

    They are trying this in England now as well. ENGLAND! wtf?!?! 90% of the population smokes.

  3. Kristan says:

    yet again i say, move to cali., my dears. [breathes deeply while enjoying her cheeseburger]

  4. Joe Camel says:

    STAND BY FOR RANT: What’s wrong with you? Leave the smokers alone. This is a slippery slope and makes no sense within a society that allegedly prizes individual liberty and free market capitalism. Put simply, if a bar or restaurant wants to allow its customers to smoke, why should they be compelled to enforce an arbitrary ban on an otherwise legal activity? PLEASE NOTE: I am not a smoker. I never have been. I don’t like the smell of cigarette smoke. I am fully aware of the dangers of smoking. For me, this comes down to the same idea as free speech – I might not like what you’re saying, but I’ll defend your right to say it. If I don’t want to listen, I can simply walk away. If this anti-smoking movement has ‘legs’ there should be a bunch of places voluntarily banning smokers, to cater to the market. I would give them my business and apparently so would you. What I object to is the idea of using government to do this. Grrrrr! RANT ENDS.

  5. AxsDeny says:

    I don’t disagree with you on that point. I wish that bars would see the light and realize that many people look for places that aren’t disgusting when they want to consume food. Shocking, yes? My general complaint is that we were so close to having something that I wanted and then it was taken away. I’d rather see this happen through free enterprise and proper business decisions. Unfortunately, it never will.

    I also think that the reason for the proposed ban was to protect workers in places of business moreso than customers. shrug

  6. Rantasaurous says:

    OK. You’re so freakin’ reasonable. Put up a fight, ya big wuss! I was looking forward to this and here you go being so damn nice. It’s like punching Mother Theresa, (I really need to work on my analogies). So, we are in agreement about the market fixing this problem, and I do think that it will… eventually. As always, it’s a slow moving beast, but I am confident that it’s moving in the ‘right’ direction. If you look back ten, or certainly twenty years ago, there were virtually no non-smoking bars or restaurants. A little farther back and people commonly smoked in workplaces and even on aircraft. Aircraft, for crying out loud!!! So, I do remain optimistic that sometime in the next few years we will see more and more food and drink businesses going totally smoke free. I, for one, will be happy when that day comes.

  7. AxsDeny says:

    Perhaps there needs to be some sort of Health Department injunction. I really have an issue with there being smoking in a place that prepares and serves food. It just seems unsanitary. If smoking could be limited to specific areas (the bar) and there were some sort of industrial air scrubbers that sucked the smoke out of the building, I’d be satisfied. Maybe that’s over the top.

    There are very few smoke-free bars in Pittsburgh. I can only think of one off the top of my head and it’s all the way on the North Shore. I’d love it if The Tavern in Oakmont was smoke free. I’d eat there far more frequently.

    Smoking on an airplane is ridiculous. I can’t believe that was allowed up until recently. I can’t imagine being stuck in a plane and having to deal with that. I can barely stand dealing with the beer farts coming from the idiots around me.

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